What Comes Out … Writing from Below

Stephen Abblitt, Nicholas Cowley, Karina Quinn
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December 2012. The site was a postgraduate symposium, gathered beneath the heading “Desire Lines”. Instigated by Wendy Mee, it featured a keynote address from Marion May Campbell (subsequently published as “Trajectories of Desire in Genet and Wittig”), a series of papers from across the disciplines, and a concluding plenary to discuss the possible futures of gender, sexuality, and diversity studies at La Trobe University. By the end, the success of the day was clear, but we were baffled: How did we all not know about each other? How had we never met before, never shared our work before? Here was an underground research community working in the most diverse disciplines intersecting with gender, sexuality, and diversity, revealing themselves to be astonishingly productive, and confessing to the same frustrations at lack of opportunities, institutional support, and recognition for our interdisciplinary discipline.

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