Word, image, sound, voice, body


When spoken word is queered it changes form.

It slips and slides. It cannot be placed into style.

It refuses some genres and co-opts others.

It is Barthes’s writing aloud, it is “language lined with flesh, a text where we can hear the grain of the throat, the patina of consonants, the voluptuousness of vowels, a whole carnal stereophony: the articulation of the body, of the tongue, not that of meaning, of language… [It is] the anonymous body of the actor into my ear: it granulates, it crackles, it caresses, it grates, it cuts, it comes: that is bliss” (The Pleasure of the Text, 1976).



What comes out…


We’re celebrating the launch of Australia’s only peer reviewed open access gender, sexuality and diversity studies journal, Writing from Below, with an evening of speaking-from-below at the Hare Hole. This night of queer spoken word is hosted by Margaret Mayhem, and features readings and performances from Marion May Campbell, Dominique Hecq, ReVerse Butcher, Jax Jacki Brown, John Stevens, and Karina Quinn. Plus, the journal will be officially launched with some kind words from La Trobe University scholars Professor Dennis Altman and Dr Carol D’Cruz.


Save the date and spread the word!

7:30pm, Friday 13 December 2013

Hare Hole | Hares & Hyenas | 63 Johnston St. Fitzroy | wordisout.com.au