We’re very pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Writing from Below. This special issue remixes Death and the Maiden, examining the motif and other associated themes and subjects through a range of critical and creative works, and across a diverse disciplinary perspectives:

  • Original paintings by Melbourne-based artist Natalie Pirotta
  • Christina Welch on coffin calendar girls
  • Suzanne Hermanoczki on death photography
  • Hannah Ky McCann with a fascinating critique on post-feminism
  • Hayley Singer’s mythic narrative of a miscarriage
  • A new take on classic gothic fiction by Evelyn Irina Tsitas
  • Donna Mitchell on vampirism and the female personification of death in Irish gothic literature
  • Jane Kubiesa on vampires, virgins and True Blood‘s Jessica Hambly
  • Andrew Blythe, Sally Morris and Michelle Mars perspectives on suicide in the LGBTI community
  • Poetry by Zoe Brigley Thompson

This special issue is accompanied by a supplement featuring Judy Lattas with an intensely personal reflection on the intersection of postcolonialism, religion, gender, identity and psychopathology, alongside a selection of papers which further corroborate the rigorous, exciting and multimodal iterations of gender, sexuality and diversity that Writing from Below is so proud to facilitate.

It also features reviews of After Homosexual (edited by Carolyn D’Cruz and Mark Pendleton), White Girls by Hilton Als, Ania Walwicz on the latest issue of Australian Poetry Review, and more.