Preliminary Materials Toward a Theory of the Female Intellectual

Zoya Brumberg

In this part-paper, part-memoir, I explore the experiences and implications of being female in philosophically oriented subsets of academia and intellectual discourse. I do this through theoretical analyses of literature, theoretical texts, and reflections and/or personal narrative. I move between conversations about materialism, the intellectual apparatus, aesthetics, dialogism, looking words by Marguerite Duras, Luce Irigaray, John Cage, Adolf Loos, Beatrice Colomina, Jacques Derrida, James Joyce, Walter Benjamin, and others who I have known textually or personally to discuss woman-ness within academic intellectualism. I use my stories of living female-ness and loss to approach my questions of the ways that intellectual language is equipped to address absence and void.

philosophy, intellectual, gender, death, memoir, memory, silence, marguerite duras

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